I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season! We had a blast here in Happy Jack, family and friends were in and out and our middle Grandaughter terrorized us for a week after Christmas. I am just getting too darn old to deal with 13 year old girls… been there, done that!

Anyway, now that we are past the new year, if we want to put this reunion together, we need to get started. I will throw out some ideas and questions and if you all could do the same we can start to flesh it out. The more volunteers we have, the less the burden will be on us, I am happy to facilitate some of this but there is a ton of ground work to be done.

A few thoughts…

Date? Any ideas? Seems smart if we could coordinate with the HS reunions planned for 2014.

Logistics? Air fare, lodging, group deals?

Venue? Where can we get together? When? Can we get meeting areas donated?

History? How do we set up a way to record our stories? Who wants to have our memories? May sound stupid but I am just throwing stuff out there – documentary channel? Nat Geographic? We are a pretty unique group with an interesting story.

Events? What other things will be going on? When, where?

Publicity? How do we promote this?

Donations and assistance? Would the state or citys underwrite parts of our event? What help can we ask for?

We need a central contact group to coordinate the planning, we can set something up here.

Recruitment – not just for planning but also to get the word out to our fellow survivors.

Anything you all can come up with, please throw it out here, we need to find a “group chat or meeting” app so we can meet real time.

Looking forward to seeing what you all want to do. This will be fun!